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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Berkeley Calling Blog Covers KPFA Censorship of Guns & Butter Radio Show

 Torture Accountability Playlist
Click on the above photo to link to the "Torture Accountability Playlist" 
at Vic Sadot YouTube Channel

Allan Rees of No Lies Radio has called on me, Vic Sadot, to be a reporter at various times sing 2009 when I covered the protests against Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo for writing specious legal briefs to justify the use of torture, and the San Francisco protests against the war on Iraq in March 2009. On August 1, 2018 I covered the "Free Julian Assange" protests at the UK and Ecuadoran Consulates in San Francisco.
Bonnie Faulkner Speaking August 18, 2018 against the censorship of her Guns + Butter Radio Show during the "Public Comments" session of the "Town Hall Meeting". NoLiesRadio Report and Truth Troubadour YouTube Playlist "KPFA Censors Guns & Butter Radio".

Most recently I was asked to attend the KPFA Local Station Board meetings on August 1 and September 15 to report on the KPFA Management Censorship of Bonnie Faulkner's 17 year weekly program called Guns + Butter Radio. 
Bonnie Faulkner (2 m 45) “KPFA Censors Guns & Butter” - 5 Video “Truth Troubadour” Playlist Report on the “Public Comments” Session from regular monthly Public Meeting of the KPFA Local Station Board on Aug 18, 2018 in Berkeley, California. Video clip of Bonnie Faulkner Host of Guns and Butter Radio speaking out in Public Comments Town Hall Meeting against Censorship of her 17 year radio show and flushing her archives down the Memory Hole with "no due process" or "community involvement". Subscribe to Guns+ButterBlog! "Security" attempts to stop NoLiesRadio reporter from doing film report! Adding First Amendment Press Rights issue to problems with the elected representatives to the listener problem with Management suppression of show content.

 Community Questions KPFA Censorship, Content, and Commitment to Free Speech Radio & Anti-War Truth Journalism
Screenshot of the 9-21-18 blog about the 18 speakers at the KPFA Local Station Board held on 9-15-18 at the North Berkeley Senior Center

I picked Berkeley Calling Blog as the primary site to blog about the Censorship of Guns and Butter because the theme of that blog is the ongoing living tradition and struggle for free speech in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it clearly is a violation of the First Amendment and the spirit of the founders of KPFA, Lewis Hill and poet Richard Moore, who called for strong principles of pacifism and free speech. I post the reports and Truth Troubadour Blog and then they are embedded at NoLiesRadio. 

BERKELEY CALLING BLOG September 1, 2018 by Vic Sadot:
"Censorship of Guns& Butter Radio Show and Press Rights of NoLiesRadio at FreeSpeech Radio KPFA PACIFICA".

No Lies Radio Report Public Comments KPFA Local Station Board 9 15 18
(27 m 13) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot 

Community Questions KPFA Censorship, Content, and Commitment to Free Speech Radio & Anti-War Truth Journalism – BERKELEY CALLING BLOG 9-21-18 by Vic Sadot announcing a new No Lies Radio Video Report on the KPFA Local Station Board meeting of 9-15-18. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

9/11 Free Fall 7/24/14: Vic Sadot– “Truth Troubadour”

Flashback to 2014 with Andy Steele! In case you missed it... Vic

9/11 Free Fall 7/21/14: Vic Sadot – “Truth Troubadour” (58:57) Free
Fall YouTube Channel hosted by Andy Steele; A Project of Architects
and Engineers for 9/11 Truth AE911Truth. Aired 7/24/14. Published
July 27, 2014.

Vic Sadot – singer-songwriter and 9/11 “Truth Troubadour”– joins Andy Steele to discuss his amazing career as a musician and journalist, his 9/11 truth themed songs, and how musical artists can awaken the public through their work. Vic Sadot: “I really enjoyed this interview with Andy Steele on my 67th birthday, July 21, 2014. It’s a science show about 9/11 sponsored by AE911Truth. So the host, Andy Steele, had a thorough understanding of the research on 9/11 after so
many years.

We spoke about what a songs could do for the 9/11 Truth movement if we could get them heard. We spoke about the psychological resistance to re-opening one’s mind after the corporate media has implanted an official story with trauma-based
conditioning. Andy had some humor, good observations, and a masterful
command of the scientific facts about the 9/11 attacks. This was done on a cell-phone in the Berkeley hills, and it fades at the very end. I got a land line later, and the sound was much better when I did an interview with Kevin Barrett​ on MLK Day 2015.

I promoted the NCA911 Truth Alliance film festival which was upcoming in Sept 2014. Both of these gentlemen were gracious hosts. I also had recently done an interview with Bev Collins​ in Canada that was lots of fun. This interview I did with Andy Steele has its own unique character, , and I am very grateful for Andy and AE911Truth giving me such an opportunity to express myself about what I have learned about 9/11, what I try to do with music , video, blogs, and event
organizing, and a sweep through how my songs came to be written.”

Trouble in the Rubble – Truth Troubadour Music Video at Truth Troubadour YouTube from the September 11, 2011 released CD “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” now available at CD Baby! This is in a Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel Playlist created by Vic Sadot for this CD. This song, Trouble in the Rubble, is a Free mp3 download at SoundCloud by Broadside Balladeer!  

He’s still doing the shows, and you can find them on No Lies Radio and on "Free Fall" YouTube. The latest one I see listed on YouTube has this Description
Note: “Host Andy Steele is joined by architect Henry Maclean to discuss the outcome of the recent AIA vote regarding AE911Truth's WTC 7 resolution. Maclean will give his own take on the evidence for controlled demolition on 9/11 and on outreach efforts to other architectural professionals.”

Official Site for Vic Sadot Music

Monday, August 27, 2018

James Corbett's Summer 2018 Truth Music Playlist Features Truth Troubadour Vic Sadot

Two of Vic Sadot's CD's were featured in a segment of the annual "Truth Music Playlist" for Summer 2018 by CorbettReport. The link to the full "Summer 2018" edition that this 3 minute 38 second excerpt comes from is below. 

Truth Music Playlist – Summer 2018 The Corbett Report. In his annual “Truth Music Report” at 6:55 James features links to 2 of my CD’s at CD Baby and plays a segment of The Ballad of William Rodriguez.

See the Corbett Report Show Notes for this Truth Music Playlist Summer2018

At 6 minutes & 55 seonds into the 13 minute, 20 seond presentation James mentions the "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" CD released by Vic Sadot on 9/11/11 at the 10th Anniversary of that tragic event. He also mentions the "Truth Troubadour" CD from Dec 2016 featuring Eric Golub on violins, violas, and ukuleles.

The Ballad of William Rodriguez by Vic Sadot
Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel

James Corbett plays part of "The Ballad of William Rodriguez". The way that song happened was that Vic was invited to sing at the July 2005 "Truth Emergency Convergence" in Washington, DC. "Mad Cowboy Disease" and "Are You A Citizen Or Are You A Slave" were a couple of Vic's 9/11 Truth themed songs. They were first sung at American University and in Lafayette Square across from the White House. Vic met David Slesinger and David suggested that Vic interview Willie and write a ballad to tell his story. Willie was head janitor of the World Trade Center and jumped into rescue mode after he heard explosions in the basement below him. His fellow WTC worker and friend Felipe was burned in the elevator shaft. Felipe came into the Maintenance office with burned skin hanging from his face and arms and shouting "Explosion! Explosion!" Vic and Willie did the interview over the phone. Vic and Willie met on Sept 11, 2005 in New York City when Vic sang and Willie spoke at the 9/11 Truth rally at UN Plaza and again later at St Mark's Church with Father Frank Morales. "Cheney's in the Bunker" came soon after while reading a David Ray Griffin book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions & Distortions".

 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs by Vic Sadot

Here are the CD Baby links to the 2 Vic Sadot CD's mentioned in Corbett Report "Truth Music Playlist for Summer of 2018":

Truth Troubadour 
(2017) – 18 songs sung by Vic Sadot. Featuring Eric Golub, Rob Sadot, Dean A Banks and Rbeast Hunter.

9/11 Truth & Justice Songs (9/11/11) sung by Vic Sadot – Listen free here! Or purchase a song!

There's something professional yet friendly and assuring in the James Corbett style and methodology that has won him widespread respect and listenership. He can do the short focused expose with a few wry comedy knock-out punch lines; the long investigative documentary report, such as "A Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve; or he can create well-crafter and researched playlists like "9/11 Suspects".

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory 
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory (4 min 58) TheCorbettReport Published on Sep 11, 2011. This one has over 3 million views. It slams 9/11 lies to the ground in one tsunami wave of articulate logic and ridicule.

9/11 SUSPECTS Playlist at CorbettReport 

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve – A Documentary by James Corbett Published on July 6, 2014 
(1 h 30 m 11)
Vic Sadot's Home Site is

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nuclear Heartland USA NukeWatch Book Update by John LaForge

John LaForge of presented an engaging power-point
lecture about publishing the revised edition of the book
“Nuclear Heartland”, which was updated from the original 1988 edition. Johns spoke in Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA on October 13, 2016. It was a book celebration event sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee.

See PEGMedia for Public Access Cable TV non-profit use of this video!

Episode: John M. LaForge 2017 “Nuclear HeartlandUSA” HD (57 m 48) . 

“Nuclear Heartland” 
was first published in 1988 to let Americans know where the land-based nuclear weapons silos are located, and that they make you less secure, which is in contradiction of the nuclear deterrence goal. See “Nuclear Heartland, Revised Edition: A guide to the 450 land-based missiles of the United States”. (Paperback) December 1, 2015 by Bonnie Urfer (Afterword), Nukewatch (Author), Jr. Samuel H. Day (Contributor), John M. LaForge (Editor), Arianne S. Peterson (Editor), Matthew Rothschild (Foreword). 

John LaForge can be contacted at

Cynthia Jean Johnson arranged for the event, which author Cecile Pineda had proposed; Jane Eislie, a long-term supporter of Nukewatch was there. Audio was by Dave Yandle. Post production by Vic Sadot.
The video was first published by content creator Vic Sadot to the BFUU Social Justice Committee website, "SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY". It has also been published at other sites, such as Vic Sadot Vimeo and 911TVorg YouTube Channel. It is a Creative Commons Copyright with attribution credits and no edits. This video is available for free download and non-profit use. It has been formatted for Public Access Cable TV non-profit use with full crdits/no edits. 

PEGMedia for
Episode: John M. LaForge 2017 “Nuclear Heartland USA” HD (57 m 48)  

Truth Troubadour Song for this blog! Ride the Wind (5:33) 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs CD by Vic Sadot on CD Baby’s YouTube Playlist - Lyrics: “Cold winds blow across the land. Dark clouds gather gloom. Children wake up crying! Parents rush into the room! It’s just another nightmare of impending days of doom. But we’re gonna tear Your Terror down! And make the deserts bloom! Yeah, that’s what we assume!” In the post 9/11 world the lyrics take on a new meaning about the phony "War on Terror".  

nomadiceveryman: KPFA Shuts Down Guns and Butter

nomadiceveryman: KPFA Shuts Down Guns and Butter: This just breaks my heart. Guns and Butter is a great program and has been since 2001. Thank you Vic for the heads up.

This Nomadic Everyman Blog at Blogger is the temporary home of American Everyman, which Google censored along with a lot of other blogs on grounds of "community standards". Willy Loman, aka Scott Creighton, also lost his YouTube interface channel called American Everyman, and continues to publish on a back-up channel called ChurchDog42. This is part of a nationwide cross-platform corporate censorship of freedom of speech rights on grounds of private ownership of the platforms and the tiny print statements we all sign without reading known as "Terms of Service" agreements. We wrongly assume that someone in this allegedly Constitutional democratic republic is looking out for the common person. That is a wrong assumption when money is the real ruler of the nation.

Yesterday, he published this video about the KPFA management Censorship of a popular 17 year once-a-week radio program called "Guns & Butter" and wiped out all 17 years of programs in the archives!

KPFA Shuts Down Guns and Butter (24 m 59) Published on Aug 22, 2018 ChurchDog24 YouTube Channel. This just breaks my heart. Guns and Butter is a great program and has been since 2001. Thank you Vic for the heads up.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ballad of Julian Assange - San Francisco Solidarity Rally

The Ballad of Julian Assange – San Francisco Solidarity Rally (3 m 40) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel. This music video is an excerpt from the 37 minute Labor Video Project report of the SF Rally To Defend Julian Assange that happened at the San Francisco Consulates of Ecuador and the United Kingdom on August 1, 2018. The song was written by Jorma Jorinen of Finland. This is a Vic Sadot solo street singing rendition done for the rally

This music video was extracted from this rally report by Labor Video Project and edited by Vic Sadot. Vic was also attending as a citizen journalist. See the link to No Lies Radio below! There are other links to check out below that one, such as #Unity4J

Free Julian Assange NOW! SF Rally & Speak-out To Defend Julian Assange (36 m 42) laborvideo YouTube Channel Published on Aug 1, 2018.

On August 1, 2018 a rally and march was held to demand the freedom of Julian Assange and against the expulsion of him from the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Speaking from New York was journalist, WBAI host and activist Randy Credico as well as OSHA whistleblower Darrell Whitman who was able to use WikiLeaks to find the connection between Obama operative John Podesta and Karen Lerner who ran the Office of Special Counsel OSC which was supposed to investigate and stop corruption in the government. Trade unionists, journalists and civil rights activists talked about the need to defend whistleblower Julian Assange and prevent his arrest and incarceration by the UK and US government. They also marched to the San Francisco UK consulate and also challenged the UK government for it's attack on Assange. Production of Labor Video Project

No Lies Radio posts SF Rally To Defend Julian Assange 8 01 18 NoLiesRadio Report by Vic Sadot, and the full Labor Video Report on the Aug 1, 2018
Speak-Out for at the San Francisco Ecuador and UK Consulates: “Free Julian Assange NOW! SF Rally & Speak-out To Defend Julian Assange”

SF Rally To Defend Julian Assange 8-01-18 Report by Vic Sadot to NoLiesRadio (2 m 22
) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel

Subscribe to this YouTube Channel to Stay Informed and to Support Julian Assange and the Journalism of wikileaks! Suzi 3D YouTube Channel.

#Unity4J Live Events in Support of Julian Assange” playlist at the Suzi 3D YouTube Channel. Subscribe to Stay Informed and to Support Julian Assange and the Journalism of wikileaks!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ray McGovern Answers Torture Accountability Question at Deep Truth Livestream by NoLiesRadio

-TRUTH TROUBADOUR BLOG 7-19-18: "Ray McGovern Answers Torture Accountability Question at NoLiesRadio Deep Truth Conference Mockingbird Media Panel" 7-08-18 911TVorg YouTube Channel 

This 7 MINUTE VIDEO is extracted from the "Mockingbird Media" panel livestream that lasted more than 4 hours. It was the kickoff panel of a weekend long series of a "Deep
Truth Visionaries Speak Out" NoLiesRadio livestream panel presentations with speakers being in far-flung locations. All sessions are now archived!

This 7 minute video was made from a segment extracted by hummux from part of the Q&A session where "Berkeley Livestream Audience Room" Organizer, and 9/11 Truth
singer-songwriter, Vic Sadot, asks Ray McGovern questions about "Torture Accountability". "Mockingbird 2.0: Propaganda, Fake News, Fake History, & Outright Censorship"
Panel Participants: Tom Kiely, Moderator. Panelists: Ray, McGovern, Alison Weir, Mark Crispin Miller, and Gerry Docherty.

Synopsis/Context/Questions of this Excerpt: (1) 25% of the footnotes in the 9/11 Commission Report derive from Torture used as “Testimony” according to Professor Michael Truscello in the 2013 documentary "9/11 In The Academic Community" by Adnan Zuberi; (2) Obama’s Dec 2016 secrecy classification of the 6,700 pages of the 2014 Senate Intelligence Report on US Torture "green-lighted" Trump to appoint Gina Haspel to head the CIA, a woman who had overseen torture sessions at a black site in Thailand; (3) Ray was roughed up by the Capitol Police at the Senate hearings on Haspel's nomination on May 10, 2018; (4) The 9/11 Truth Movement needs to join the growing movement to win the release of the Torture Report so that it will be used to seek truth and justice via prosecutions and the process of legal discovery. 

Please make a donation to NoLiesRadio for this monumental effort! 

Take Action! Join the BORDC campaign! The Bill of Rights Defense Committee: Will the 
Senate Torture Report Disappear? May 2, 2016 by Chip Gibbons. We demand the release of all 6,700 pages of the US Senate Report on the US Use of Torture! 


Vic Sadot, long-time No Lies Radio volunteer, reporter, event-set/organizer, 9/11 Truth singer-songwriter and poetic music artist with 4 CD's released at CD Baby, which publishes "Artist Collections" on YouTube these days. 

Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime (5:03) 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs CD by Vic Sadot on CD Baby’s YouTube “
Artist Collections” Playlist for this CD Baby CD.

Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime – Vic Sadot with the Code Pink Golden Gate Chorus – Truth Troubadour Channel on YouTube! The song was released on 9/11/11 on a CD titled “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” at CD Baby.