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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bloody Dangerous US strategy!

Syrian Girl breaks down what is really happening with the latest US NATO & Arab Monarchist Dictatorship military intervention, which is very similar to the Libyan hit job where Qatar's Al Jazeera led the progaganda charge. The Qatari and Saudi air forces participated in the humanitarian bombing of Libya's first-world first class infrastructure. Many targets would be war crimes in a civilized world. Qatar also got to front, at least for a while, as the broker for “liberated” Libyan oil. Then came the blowback of the eerily Gadaffi-like street killing of the US ambassador to “Liberated Libya”. What reward is this for all his good work in weapons dealing? Zionist Apartheid Israel is deep into this Syria operation. But as Syrian Girl says, Israel may get to experience how horrifying war is right in Israel itself if NATO pushes this to a full scale war. Russia may not want to lose it's only port in the area and Iran may not want to lose it's long time ally, Syria. War will not seem so “profitable” if it goes global! Who are the puppeteer masters of Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, and Hilary Clinton that drive them to serve this war waging madness? Interview here at this link: