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Sunday, September 23, 2018

9/11 Free Fall 7/24/14: Vic Sadot– “Truth Troubadour”

Flashback to 2014 with Andy Steele! In case you missed it... Vic

9/11 Free Fall 7/21/14: Vic Sadot – “Truth Troubadour” (58:57) Free
Fall YouTube Channel hosted by Andy Steele; A Project of Architects
and Engineers for 9/11 Truth AE911Truth. Aired 7/24/14. Published
July 27, 2014.

Vic Sadot – singer-songwriter and 9/11 “Truth Troubadour”– joins Andy Steele to discuss his amazing career as a musician and journalist, his 9/11 truth themed songs, and how musical artists can awaken the public through their work. Vic Sadot: “I really enjoyed this interview with Andy Steele on my 67th birthday, July 21, 2014. It’s a science show about 9/11 sponsored by AE911Truth. So the host, Andy Steele, had a thorough understanding of the research on 9/11 after so
many years.

We spoke about what a songs could do for the 9/11 Truth movement if we could get them heard. We spoke about the psychological resistance to re-opening one’s mind after the corporate media has implanted an official story with trauma-based
conditioning. Andy had some humor, good observations, and a masterful
command of the scientific facts about the 9/11 attacks. This was done on a cell-phone in the Berkeley hills, and it fades at the very end. I got a land line later, and the sound was much better when I did an interview with Kevin Barrett​ on MLK Day 2015.

I promoted the NCA911 Truth Alliance film festival which was upcoming in Sept 2014. Both of these gentlemen were gracious hosts. I also had recently done an interview with Bev Collins​ in Canada that was lots of fun. This interview I did with Andy Steele has its own unique character, , and I am very grateful for Andy and AE911Truth giving me such an opportunity to express myself about what I have learned about 9/11, what I try to do with music , video, blogs, and event
organizing, and a sweep through how my songs came to be written.”

Trouble in the Rubble – Truth Troubadour Music Video at Truth Troubadour YouTube from the September 11, 2011 released CD “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” now available at CD Baby! This is in a Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel Playlist created by Vic Sadot for this CD. This song, Trouble in the Rubble, is a Free mp3 download at SoundCloud by Broadside Balladeer!  

He’s still doing the shows, and you can find them on No Lies Radio and on "Free Fall" YouTube. The latest one I see listed on YouTube has this Description
Note: “Host Andy Steele is joined by architect Henry Maclean to discuss the outcome of the recent AIA vote regarding AE911Truth's WTC 7 resolution. Maclean will give his own take on the evidence for controlled demolition on 9/11 and on outreach efforts to other architectural professionals.”

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