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Saturday, November 7, 2015

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo Music Video by #TruthTroubadourYouTube

The book "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!" was the inspiration for the song "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!" by Vic Sadot and Kevin Barrett. The Official Music Video by #TruthTroubadour was just published at Truth Troubadour YouTube. A "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!" playlist was started with 14 videos on the list now.

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! (5:30) Published 11-05-15 at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot. The song was written by Vic Sadot after reading the various views of 22 writers in the 2015 book of the same title this song is named for, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, edited by Dr. Kevin J Barrett. Kevin has a PhD in Arabist-Islamology studies, and has advanced degrees in English, French, and African Literature. He was fired from the University of Wisconsin for questioning 9/11, and he has been an activist, author, and host of radio shows ever since. Hear him on Truth Jihad radio and False Flag Weekly live-stream on No Lies Radio. This is an artist’s response to the events and what has been written so far about them. Kevin Barrett contributed heavily to two of the six verses. Lyrics are on screen and the description section below the video.

The music video is a free download! 

Buy the book here!
Watch the video now!

 Here are some screenshots with lyrics from the new "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!" music video by #TruthTroubadourYouTube host Vic Sadot, Berkeley, CA singer-songwriter and social justice activist.

Charlie Hebdo Shooting: Paris Attack Hoax NWO Exposé

“I am not Charlie Hebdo! Je suis Helric Frédou!” Truth Troubadour Blog 2-18-15
Why Is Charlie Hebdo OK, But Not Dieudonne? HYPOCRISY (22:52)
No Lies Radio Kevin Barrett California Book Tour Live-Stream
RedSilverJ YouTube Charlie Hebdo Documentary Exposé
A screenshot from RedSilverJ's Charlie Hebdo Paris Attack Hoax NWO Exposé.

The We Are Not Charlie Hebdo music video is a Creative Commons Copyright and is set for free download non profit use with credits and no edits to the 5:30 official video for the song. See also #TruthTroubadourShowcase playlist at #TruthTroubadourYouTube for many fine truth singers of today posting on YouTube. There is also a page on Facebook used to announce new posts with the same title #TruthTroubadourShowcaseFacebookPage

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Worldwide Rethink September 11 Two Day Live Event!

“Worldwide RethinkSeptember 11 Event Live”: Two Days of Speaking out! 9/11 Global Interactive Broadcast from Ottawa, Canada to expose lies of the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror (Sept 11th &12th, 2015) See Rethinkseptember11 dot com! Listen live! Adnan Zuberi and Bev Collins have organized a great line up of speakers: Daniele Ganser, Anthony Hall, Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen, James Corbett, Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney (had to cancel) and David Johnson. Two Days of 14th anniversary discussions of the crimes and cover-ups of 9/11/01 right here:
Click here for the YouTube ReThink September 11th site. 

 Bev Collins is excited to be hosting 9/11 Talks and the "Bev Collins show radio" on the Media Broadcasting Center radio station through livestream at

The schedule and link was posted by James Tracy at Memory Hole Blog Worldwide 9/11 ReThink Post, and many people Re-Blogged it on line. Memory Hole Blog is a good place to explore how a professional media studies professor uses what he has learned to foster a discussion in an atmosphere where there are no taboos, but likewise, little tolerance for stuff that does not even pass the smell test. Recommended by Truth Troubadour Blogspot!

The event is being recorded to be available after 9/11/15 in an archive. There's supposed to be a live chat box too, if you can find it. These are some screen-shots that I took from today's broadcast, which is now ending. The discussion begins again tomorrow Sept 12, 2015 at "11 am Toronto / 8 am California / 5 pm UK / 8 pm India – Introduction by Bev Collins" at the same link

RethinkSeptember11Global Interactive Broadcast (3:50:25) Rethink September 11th YouTube Channel:  “Worldwide Rethink September 11 Event Live”. Two Days of Speaking out! 9/11 Global Interactive Broadcast from Ottawa, Canada to expose lies of the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror (Sept 11th &12th, 2015) See Rethinkseptember11 dot com! Listen live! Bev Collins has organized a great line up of Speakers: Daniele Ganser, Anthony Hall, Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen, James Corbett, Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney (had to cancel) and David Johnson. Two Days of 14th anniversary discussions of the crimes and cover-ups of 9/11/01. Here is today's session at YouTube. 
Here's what I enjoyed from the session. Daniel Ganser is a Swiss national with impressive academic credentials and he is best known for his book, "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO andTerrorism in Western Europe".

NATO's Secret Armies Operation Gladio

Daniel Ganser is the founder and the director of the Swiss

Truth Troubadour recommends Graeme MacQueen's new book The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy published by Clarity Press.  He talked about how the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent anthrax attacks using US Army Ames Strain anthrax to murder several people and to shut down and terrorize Congress itself as part of the same event that was done by the same perpetrators.

9/11 In The Academic Community by Adnan Zuberi

Adnan Zuberi came up with the idea for doing this 2015 9/11 on-line discussion with Bev Collins as Co-Host. It is quite noteworthy that this group examines recent possible Canadian false flag events. Adnan Zuberi created an excellent documentary on the state of denial and intimidation in regard to 9/11 within the academic community. It was featured at the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance annual film festival and also at Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley where it was live-streamed by Allan Rees of No Lies Radio. The main link for the movie is

9-11 In Academia Available for purchase

Tony Hall, known as Antonius Hall on Facebook, and Anthony J. Hall, the professor and the author. Anthony Hall is an articulate academic who can speak the language of the common man whenever useful to make his point. He has been an avid supporter of Native American and Inuit rights, and much of that is articulated in his revisionist historical writings. See the Amazon Link for Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, andCapitalism (McGill-Queen's Native and Northern Series) published Aug 23, 2010. .

Tony’s column at Veterans Today can be read here.

Barrie Zwicker seemed to be in good spirits today! He was enjoying some solid intellectual and ethical company that he has come to know over the years.

In 2006 Barrie Zwicker published his book, The Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11. The corporate-government news media "have monolithically failed to ask elementary questions about anomalies in this story. So-called alternative media have been little better. Towers of Deception explains why and prescribes actions to break out the truth".

Towers-of-Deception - The Media Cover-up of 9/11

Barrie Zwicker also released two videos, The Great Deception, and The Great Conspiracy, which you can watch on YouTube for free. The Great Deception is a compilation of seven 9/11 commentaries by Barrie Zwicker. 

(FULL) 9/11 - The Great Conspiracy - The 9/11 News Special (1:10:22) TheMediaCorruption YouTube Channel. Now video #51 in the “9/11 & Other False Flag Investigations” playlist at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot. Original published notes: “THE GREAT CONSPIRACY: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw is a 70-minute sequel to The Great Deception. That is a ground-breaking 44-minute video also by Barrie Zwicker. He was the first mainstream journalist in the world to go on air (in January 2002) and ask hard questions about the official story of 9/11. In The Great Conspiracy, Zwicker updates and expands his critique. He analyses the use of fear to befuddle the public. He deconstructs the so-called "war on terrorism." He examines in depth the failure of the military on 9/11 and George Bush's highly inappropriate behaviour that day. He finds the 9/11 Commission to be a total coverup operation. Throughout, he analyses the role of the mainstream media as complicit in keeping the public massively misinformed and befuddled. And he suggests what we can do.”

Truth Troubadour Blogs always end with a song or video. Today’s selection should be Blowback or Bloody Treason from Truth TroubadourYouTube Channel

Blowback or Bloody Treason video of one of the songs on the 9/11/11 released "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" CD by Vic Sadot. Blowback or Bloody Treason was created after reading Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert, who I was referring to in the song chorus but I used TV detectives in the video saying: “We need a great detective's logic! Forensic facts & laws of physics! Not leaps of faith! Just steps to reason! Was it blowback, or bloody treason? Was it blowback or, ... bloody treason?”

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