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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Hearty Salute to the Political Awareness Work of 9/11 Truth Activist Tod Fletcher

The NO LIES RADIO Live Stream Audio from the Saturday, Nov 22, 2014 “Tod Fletcher & Susan Peabody Memorial Gathering” in Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA is now posted! (1:36:33) One of the highlights was the tribute delivered by David Ray Griffin, the dean of 9/11 Truth authors, to Tod Fletcher, who served as one of his main editors and was always Griffin’s his stalwart intellectual comrade and champion. The transcript of Dr. Griffin’s statement is also published there

There is no doubt that Tod Fletcher would want to be remembered as the major researcher, writer, editor, and speaker that he was in the global 9/11 Truth & Justice movement. Tod was an editor for David Ray Griffin books. He occasionally was a stand-in for Griffin when the acclaimed theologian and 9/11 scholar could not make a radio interview due to illness. 

Tod's last interview on Bonnie Faulkner's "Guns & Butter" Radio Show on KPFA was on Sept 3, 2014. It is archived at KPFA and at NoLiesRadio (link below). The lives and the passing of Tod and his wife Susan do indeed make a sad and difficult story. But it is also a story of true and dedicated love. 

See the moving tribute by David Ray Griffin: “In Memory of Tod Fletcher: A Life of Service (1952-2014)” David Ray Griffin in Global Research (Centre for Research on Globalization) 10-08-14. In that article David Ray Griffin quotes the late-great 9/11 Truth scholar Tod Fletcher in "Having sensed earlier than most of us the falsity of the government’s explanation of what had happened on 9/11, he said: ‘I never fell for the official explanation. I’ve been researching and writing about 9/11 since 9/12’.”

The same article was published at the “Consensus 9/11” Panel website by Elizabeth Woodworth. 

Info here at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee Facebook Event Listings for the Memorial Gathering for Tod Fletcher and Susan Peabody scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22 from 1-4 pm. Some people will skype into the event, such as David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth who worked on scholarly projects with Tod Fletcher.  

Info here at Northern California 9/11 TruthAlliance Facebook Event Listings for the Memorial Gathering for Tod Fletcherand Susan Peabody scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22 from 1-4 pm. Some people will skype into the event, such as David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth who worked on scholarly projects with Tod Fletcher.      

Sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee with endorsements from Project Censored, PEERS (Public Education & Empowerment Resource Service), Sacramento 9/11 Truth, Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, No Lies Radio, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Event program created by Friends & Family of Tod & Susan. BFUU Fellowship Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709. (At Bonita Ave, one block east of MLK Way & three blocks west of Shattuck Ave) This location is wheelchair accessible via the ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the building.

Death Notice Posted at Site by Fred Burks

“R.I.P. Tod Fletcher:Dedicated Advocate for 9/11 Truth” – The Public Notice by Fred Burks on the suicide  deaths of 9/11 Researcher and Speaker Tod Fletcher and his wife Susan at WantToKnow.Info. The original post has many links to take you to the voluminous work of Tod Fletcher.   

David Ray Griffin 2005 DC Emergency Truth ConvergenceTod Fletcher was very proud of his work with David Ray Griffin

Links to Tod Fletcher's Political Awareness and 9/11 Truth & Justice Work

Send missing/newly discovered items for us to add to this list to Vic Sadot at

"The PentagonAttack In Context" interview with Tod Fletcher on “Guns & Butter”Radio Show by host Bonnie Faulkner on 9/03/14. The 9/11 Consensus Panel; contextual approach to analyzing events at the Pentagon; origins of the hijacker story; telephone calls from the planes; analysis of eyewitness reports; physical debris; photographic evidence; video evidence; black boxes; FBI takes control of the investigation; means, motive and opportunity; Pentagon specific purposes; planes as a diversionary tactic; John Lear.

911FILES – 9/11 TruthResearchers Tod Fletcher & Kevin Ryan Debate 9/11 Official ConspiracyTheorists Jonathan Kay & Bryan Bonner about 9/11 facts on the ProjectCensored 10th Anniversary Radio Show on KPFA PACIFICA. (47:40) 911TheFiles YouTube Channel on 9-08-12. Now video #47 in the “9/11 Truth & Justice Seekers – Facts vs Fictions” playlist at “SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY” YouTube Channel.

9/11 Researcher TodFletcher On the Smoking Gun Evidence for “the New Pearl Harbor” – Audio inSilver Doctors, an economic and trade trends review 9-15-14. Tod Fletcher comes into the show at 9 minutes into this 45 minute internet radio show. “To commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9/11 Doc and I decided it would be a good idea to introduce our audience to some of the highest quality 9/11 research available. Doc and I reached out to Tod Fletcher, who is one of 22 researchers that have come together to produce “9/11 Consensus Points”. was founded by well know scholar Dr. David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth.  Twenty-two researchers are involved in the project.  Each researcher reviews and ranks specific evidence independent from the rest of the team.  This methodology helps to prevent viewpoints of any given researcher coloring the perspective of other team members.  Each evidence subject is ranked and only evidence that passes the critical thinking litmus tests of 85% or more of the entire team makes the final cut as one of the “9/11 Consensus Points”. Mr. Fletcher started working with Dr. Griffin in 2004, and he’s an expert on many aspects of 9/11.  We hope you find our discussion with Mr. Fletcher insightful.”

Tod Fletcher’s Radio show on Resistance Radio was named "9/11 In Context"

People interviewed on Tod Fletcher’s  “9/11 In Context” on-line Resistance Radio Show: John Parulis, Chris Sarns, Graeme MacQueen, Jack Straw, Aidan Monaghan, Steven Jones, Daniele Ganser, Barrie Zwicker.

"9/11 In Context" - Barrie Zwicker with Tod Fletcher: This show features an interview with veteran journalist and documentary maker Barrie Zwicker. Barrie will discuss his powerful early documentaries on 9/11; his book “Towers of Deception” on Media Gatekeeping to prevent the Truth about the 9/11 events from reaching the public; a special focus on Noam Chomsky and the Left version of Gatekeeeping; the conflict between the peace movement and the truth movement; and recent Gatekeeping efforts within the 9/11 Truth movement itself. Ryan on the “Demolition Access to WTC Buildings” exposed 11-18-10. Kevin Ryan spoke on Tom Fletcher's "9/11 In Context" show, which aired 18 Nov 2010. This video provides photos to help understand it. Kevin is a chemist and researcher and speaks about his investigation into the WTC physical evidence, especially the WTC dust, as well as the complex network of corporate tenants of the WTC and the select group of "experts" who repeatedly surface to defend the Official Conspiracy Theory of the buildings' destruction. Kevin is one of the most productive researchers in the 9/11 truth movement. He worked for a division of Underwriters Laboratories. He spoke out on how the experiments could not replicate what happened to the WTCs on 9/11 and was fired for that. Since then he has been a sought after speaker for 9/11 Truth events.

“9/11 In Context”Interviews on Resistance Radio with Tod Fletcher: John Parulis on MovementInfiltration on Feb 24, 2011. (1:01:02) Photo of John Parulis of Bright Path Video filming AE911Truth at the 2009 AIA Convention in San Francisco.
(Note: Bad sound for first minute. Good after that.) Tod Fletcher takes a critical look at 9/11, puts the attacks in context, and updates us with the latest research news. Today's guest is John Parulis, veteran of the Rainbow Warrior actions in the South Pacific, who is also a dedicated and seasoned 9/11 truth activist. John created the Truth Burn event at Burning Man 2007, and has been deeply involved in the development of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Based on his extensive study and experience of movement infiltration by agents, John will discuss the kinds of activities infiltrators are likely to engage in, and look closely at recent operations at a key 9/11 truth website.

“9/11 In Context”Interviews on Resistance Radio with Tod Fletcher: Jack Straw on Capitalism onJan 27, 2011 (1:00:05). Tod Fletcher takes a critical look at 9/11, puts the attacks in context, and updates us with the latest research news. Jack Straw joins us again to discuss where the now world-dominating social system, Capitalism, got its start, its central characteristics, why we need to resist its continued existence, and how we might do so.  

“9/11 In Context”Interviews on Resistance Radio with Tod Fletcher: Daniele Ganser on OperationGladio. Dec. 16, 2011. (1:00:07). Tod Fletcher takes a critical look at 9/11, puts the attacks in context, and updates us with the latest research news. Today's show will be an interview with historian Daniele Ganser, an expert on Operation Gladio, the secret campaign by the CIA, MI6, NATO and national military secret services to control European politics by terrorist attacks, forerunners of 9/11.

"9/11 In Context" withTod Fletcher: David Chandler on the WTC Demolitions (1:00:00). Tod Fletcher takes a critical look at 9/11, puts the attacks in context, and updates us with the latest research news. This week's guest is physics teacher David Chandler, who forced NIST to retract its claim that WTC7 did not fall at "free-fall speed," and has shown in an exceptional series of videos that the official account of the destruction of the Twin Towers is false as well.  

From Jeff Strahl we received articles that Tod Fletcher wrote using pen names. Jeff wrote: “The first and third are credited to Max Kolskegg, the second to I. Berg, these are pseudonyms Tod used. There is also material on the website by Will Guest which predates 9/11, that’s also Tod.” Thanks to Tod’s longtime loyal friend and intellectual comrade Jeff Stahl for these contributions to this collection of Tod Fletcher’s work. Others can be sent in to

“9/11: A DesperateProvocation by US Capitalism”. Note: This article was first posted on January 24, 2002 at Indymedia. Although many new facts have come out since then, especially involving the physical evidence for controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC7, the overview it provides is still useful, especially for its articulation of the class-war context of the attacks. [MK, 1/11/10] Posted by Max Kolskegg (Tod Fletcher).

“Henry the Great onSeptember 11”. Note: This article was first posted in April, 2002 at Indymedia  about Henry Kissinger’s letter to the Washington Post on “Tuesday, September 11, 2001; 9:04 PM”. “It was posted online at not much more than twelve hours after the first airliner struck the north tower of the World Trade Center”, writes I. Berg (Tod Fletcher).  

“9/11 In Context:Plans and Counter Plans”. Note: This text was written in October 2002, originally posted at and Indymedia. It attempts to place the 9/11 attacks in their appropriate context, that is, as first expressed in an earlier article by Max Kolskegg (Tod Fletcher), as a desperate attempt by US capitalist powers to launch a new global offensive against the working class. (This article has been translated into Italian.) Excerpt: “Professor John McMurtry of the University of Guelph points to a deeper explanation of the difficulty people have had in analyzing all the evidence objectively. The crimes of September 11 were so shocking that for many, perhaps most people, even those on the Left, it is literally unthinkable that they could have been committed or intentionally permitted by the Bush administration or some secret operations group working for it:”

A recent compilation of articles by Tod Fletcher in his own name and his pen names, as well as by other associates are listed here:

“Championing Truthand Justice: Griffin on 9/11” by Tod Fletcher. Note: This article first appeared as a chapter in “Reason and Reenchantment: the Philosophical, Religious, and Political Thought of David Ray Griffin”.

“The Global FascistTerror State” by Tod Fletcher. Note: Note: This is a lightly-edited transcript of a radio presentation on "9/11 In Context" on the Resistance Radio Network on December 9, 2010.

Similar work to this Truth Troubadour blog was done by David R. Kimball of Sacramento 9/11 Truth  on  October 17, 2014 at Kevin Barrett’s “Truth Jihad Radio” titled “Tod Fletcher – An Appreciation”. There are additional links there.

This is the song for this Truth Troubadour blog that is dedicated to the legacy of 9/11 Truth & Justice work by Tod Fletcher: Mad Cowboy Disease 2013 at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot. Thank you Tod Fletcher for your stalwart service to the well-being of the people, to their awareness, and to their effectiveness in representing themselves politically.

More Information Sent In by Friends & Activist Associates of Tod Fletcher since November 21, 2014: 

In Memory of TodFletcher and Susan Peabody by Jeff Strahl at The Daily Battle 1-03-15. This article is written by Tod’s closest friend. It is based on his remarks at the Memorial Gathering of Nov. 22, 2014 in Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA. Two Excerpts: “Tod was a prominent member of the 9/11 Truth Movement. He became a member on 9/12/01, when he and i met as we had scheduled several days earlier to discuss his pending article on the Genoa 6-7 summit (posted on this site, under the name of Max Kolskegg). We of course discussed the previous day’s events, and agreed that the whole thing had the smell of an inside job. It took us a few months to fully grasp the extent, but our intent was clear… But Tod was much more than a Truth activist. Well before 9/11, Tod was part of the global anti-capitalist movement. From mid-1988 to September 2003, he and i met generally every week to discuss stuff we were reading together, to edit each other’s articles, talk about current events, etc. And we continued to be in close contact even after that time, when first work took him away and then when he had to move from the Berkeley area, where i still live, and did so to the very end of his life. He edited every single thing i ever wrote intended for public viewing, i did likewise…”

From Elizabeth Woodworth in Vancouver, BC, Canada we learned the following news: “Tod proofed Graeme MacQueen's new book on anthrax, "The 2001 Anthrax Deception:  The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy" 2014 published by Clarity Press of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In the acknowledgements Graeme wrote: "Tod Fletcher copy-edited the manuscript twice, and gently forced me to explain myself more fully, opening up my dense writing so that it would cause the reader fewer headaches.  He also provided me with information that was new to me.  I am very grateful to him."

From Graeme MacQueen himself on Nov 22, 2014 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Dear Vic: I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the memorial for Tod and Susan, but I watched the event and I want to thank you, and all the participants, for this moving and beautiful tribute to Tod. I never met Tod in person but we had lots of conversations though the internet, and gave his time selflessly to help me write a book. I found him every bit as generous and kind as others have said. And a special thanks to you for ending with Phil Ochs' song, Changes, which I have loved for years and which was just the right song for the moment--for the passing of these wonderful people. Well done and all the best, Graeme MacQueen

And from David Ray Griffin on Nov 22, 2014 in Santa Barbara, CA, USAGraeme, Yes, Tod was more selfless than most Christians and Buddhists. And yes, "Changes" was the appropriate ending.

CognitiveInfiltration — An Obama Appointee’s Plan To Undermine the 9/11 TruthMovement_on “Guns & Butter” Radio Show on Pacifica hosted by BonnieFaulkner. Archived at No Lies Radio. Interview with Tod Fletcher about David Ray Griffin’s newest book, Cognitive Infiltration, which is a deconstruction and debunking of Obama appointee, Cass Sunstein’s, paper, “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures”, in which Sunstein proposes a new government COINTELPRO type infiltration of groups which research and promote ideas and explanations that run contrary to US government narratives, most specifically about the events of September 11th.

Tod Fletcher’s Blogat 911Blogger (I counted 26 posts by Tod Fletcher! Vic Sadot aka “Truth Troubadour” at 911Blogger, YouTube, Blogspot, etc.)

The True Story of 9/11 w/ Tod Fletcher (1:14:47) vancityfilm YouTube Channel. Now video #45 in the “9/11 Truth & Justice Seekers – Facts vs Fictions” playlist at “SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY” YouTube Channel.

From Elizabeth Woodworth:
In addition, Tod proofed Graeme MacQueen's new book on anthrax, "The 2001 Anthrax Deception:  The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy," 2014.

In the acknowledgements Graeme wrote:  "Tod Fletcher copy-edited the manuscript twice, and gently forced me to explain myself more fully, opening up my dense writing so that it would cause the reader fewer headaches.  He also provided me with information that was new to me.  I am very grateful to him."

I hope you will also include Tod's significant role as a Member of the 24-member 9/11 Consensus Panel ( for three years, during which time he carefully reviewed our 44 Consensus Points to date, catching important errors, and he even drafted one or two Points himself.

“9/11 in Context” onYouTube - 9/11 Aidan Monaghan On Resistance Radio at cappuccino kid YouTubeChannel which has numerous Tod Fletcher interviews (57:45). Tod Fletcher talks to researcher Aidan Monaghan, who has investigated the 9/11 flights in great detail with important results. Aidan has also filed a wide range of FOIA requests from government agencies and filed lawsuits seeking information related to the 9/11 attacks. The discussion will focus on Aidan's impressive research into the autopilot technology available for 757s and 767s at the time of the attacks, the optimal GPS conditions at Ground Zero precisely at the time the buildings at the WTC were struck, contradictory black box information provided by government agencies, and other unusual circumstances related to the flights.

on December 30th, 2010 (59:52) Welcome To YouTube Channel.

“9/11 In Context” hostedby Tod Fletcher: “9/11 Kevin Barrett On Resistance Radio - 9/11 And Israel” (51:44) cappucinokid100 YouTube Channel. Note: Resistance Radio's Tod Fletcher talks to 9/11 researcher Kevin Barrett, a scholar of Islamic Studies who was hounded out of his post as a lecturer at the Univ. of Wisconsin in retaliation for discussing alternative explanations of the 9/11 events in his classes. Author of two books on 9/11 and editor of a third, Kevin provides a Muslim perspective on the aftermath of 9/11 in the US and worldwide. Interview broadcast November 11th, 2010.

9/11: Steven JonesInterview – “911 In context” (Resistance Radio) hosted by Tod Fletcher (59:07)  cappucinokid100 YouTube Channel. Dr. Steven Jones interview with Tod Fletcher on Resistance Radio on 1/13/11.

AE911Truth Richard Gage Discusses 9/11 On Resistance Radio (55:57) cappucinokid100 YouTube Channel. (55:57) Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth, talking to Tod Fletcher on Resistance Radio, December 3, 2010 broadcast.

“9/11 In Context”hosted by Tod Fletcher: WTC7 - Chris Sarns On Resistance Radio (54:56) cappucinokid100 YouTube Channel. Tod Fletcher talks to Chris Sarns, veteran 9/11 truth researcher. Chris, through repeated and careful reading of NIST's attempts to explain WTC7's collapse, discovered key falsehoods claimed by NIST, exposed them to view and forced their removal from subsequent NIST publications. He disproved NIST's claims in three centrally important areas: the fictitious "10-story gouge" in the building's face; the extent and timing of fire on the 12th floor which NIST claimed caused the initial failure leading to collapse; and NIST's fraudulent diesel-fueled fire hypothesis. Chris has also been deeply involved in the work of AE911Truth, where he provides his expertise on WTC7. He shares his experiences of battling defenders of the official claims in online forums and notes their close connection to NIST. And Chris shares his ideas on how to enable the 9/11 truth movement to make the greatest impact going forward.

2018 More Links to add to Tod Fletcher Memorial Collection at Truth Troubadour Blogspot

JohnParulis: Cognitive Infiltration Of 9/11 Truth Groups (56:00) AltArchive YouTube Channel. ResistRadio Show with host Tod Fletcher (RIP) interviewing John Parulus about “cognitive infiltration” of the 9/11 Truth Movement. A series of 911blogger website attacks on David Ray Griffin’s scholarly research leadership and the rejection of its members to not allow Kevin Ryan to be a member there caught many in the movement by surprise. Tod is forthright in citing his close friendship and editorial collaboration with David Ray Griffin resulted in his being outspoken in challenging the disrespectful nature of the gang up on Griffin to make him “recant” various claims he had made in his 10 books about 9/11. Tod Fletcher had named named people at 911blogger in his prior criticisms of practices of the moderators at 911blogger. (Note: I was not allowed to publish a critique of the 2011 alleged death and dumping at sea of bin Laden that I had vetted through some NCA911TA meetings. One member of 911blogger could not tell me why it was rejected even when I offered to change something they think I got wrong. Why not publish it and let the discussions flow? Why moderate the other intellectuals in the movement at a site presenting itself as a sophisticated intellectual hub of the 9/11 Truth movement?)
DanieleGanser Discusses Operation Gladio and 9/11 On (57:32) AltArchive YouTube Channel Published on Jun 27, 2012. ResistRadio Show Host Tod Fletcher (RIP) interviewing Swiss Professor Daniele Ganser about insights into 9/11 that can be gained from research on NATO’s Operation Gladio bombings of civilians in Europe during the Cold War as a way to terrorize and traumatize the population to distrust and fear the left. The parties of the left were advocating public services like universal health care and free public education, and ending the Cold War in order to cut military spending. There were also large protests against the US war on Vietnam in all major cities of Europe at that time.

GraemeMacQueen Discusses Anthrax Attacks & 9/11 On (57:28)
AltArchive YouTube Channel Published on Jun 27, 2012. ResistRadio Show Host Tod Fletcher (RIP) interviewing Professor Graeme MacQueen.

Professor Graeme MacQueen of McMaster University, author of “The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for Domestic Conspiracy”, says, “They made it the core of their story and they don’t discuss that these guys were tortured.” Graeme MacQuen holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies from Harvard. He was the founding director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University where he taught for 30 years. He is the co-editor of the Journal for 9/11 Studies.

The2001Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracyby GraemeMacQueenpublished by ClarityPress   

Tod Fletcher and Susan Peabody in their UC Berkeley Days
Unsung heroes of the 9/11 Truth Movement