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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Assault on Cognitive Thought by Michael Shermer and Skeptic AssoCIAtes

This blog comes from the aftermath of KPFA sponsoring Michael Shermer as a speaker raising funds for the station by promoting his latest book titled "SKE?TIC: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye". He is the founder of an organization calling itself "Skeptics Society". In effect, this presents Michael Shermer as some kind of intellectual authority on the main events in US history. His speech was on January 13, 2016 at Saint John’s Presbyterian Church, 2727 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA with radio host Philip Muldari. The title of the program on air and in his public presentation was "Skeptic: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye".
We have for many years had a complete Orwellian assault on the operative English language employed in our media, and many of us regurgitate the invented terms in our conversations without calculating the effect of using them. For example, once upon a time we had a "Department of War". But the media manipulators decided that they could sell wars much better to the tax payers as the "Defense Department". You are not against "defense" are you? Likewise, are you a "Truther"? Or are you a "Truth Seeker"? Are you exposing a hoax or are you now called and dismissed without any intellectual skeptical processing as a "hoaxer". It used to be the one perpetuating a hoax and positing its "factoids" who were the "hoaxers". Now it is those who ask the basic journalistic and detective questions about a crime that are called the "hoaxers" by our corporate-government media.
 Anthony J. Hall and Joshua Blakeney Challenge Michael Shermer About His 9/11 Denialism
Observe well that nowadays a "skeptic" such as Michael Shermer is a person who has NO Questions and NO Doubts about any official government explanations of dubious events with glaring anomalies and inconsistencies. Yet these are events that are said to justify repressive legislation, emergency Presidential decrees, NDAA attachments that have nothing to do with military spending, and "humanitarian" bombings and invasions in the permanent "war on terror". For those reasons these events must be questioned. The word  "skeptic" used to refer to someone who would steadfastly and stubbornly question authority or anyone telling a story of great pivotal consequences (repression at home/war abroad) before investing "belief" in that official story. Now with shysters like Shermer and his organization we have "skeptics" who swallow official stories hook, line, and sinker. And their modus operandi is not to take on those who raise real skeptical questions detail by detail. No, their modus operandi is to ridicule and name call those who do actual research and to associate them with truly zany notions! I carefully refuse to accept the assault on our terminology's meanings. But I am only one person. I do not use the term "truther" because to the uninitiated it automatically raises doubt about your authenticity, credibility, and sincerity. I say "truth seeker" because I am aware that we are engaged in a struggle over language and meaning about what is in fact happening to us and our world.
Art created by Jon King for I Am The Face Of Truth
It is a program created by Claudio Marty to use your 
Facebook profile photo (not your cover photo) to stand for 9/11 Truth

Of course, the most glaring use of Orwellian "double-speak" in our time has to be the "Patriot Act", which was passed right after the US military anthrax attacks on civilians and the two DemocRat party leaders at the time, Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont. At the time, Daschle was the Senate Majority leader and Leahy was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These anthrax attacks resulted in the evacuation of Congress buildings and a state of emergency was declared.   The two Democrats subsequently caved-in to immense pressure and voted to end the rule of Constitutional Law and our cherished Bill of Rights, which were decimated in the process. I always call it the "Patriot Repression Act" because it was instituted to repress genuine patriots and genuine skeptics who will not surrender their inalienable rights, Americans who can see through the smokescreen of lies raised to national religious myth status by the creation of a 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York. Take the "9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour" by Barbara Honegger (The Pentagon Smokescreen) and Bonnie Faulkner (Guns & Butter Radio Host) to cure yourself of that indoctrination or to learn what the 9/11 myth museum is set up to do.

Soon after the 9/11/Anthrax attacks we had kidnapping called "rendition" and we had torture called "enhanced interrogation techniques" and innocent people spending years in Guantanamo prison without ever being charged with a crime. All of this was based on the "official story". Read Professor Graeme MacQueen's book "The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for Domestic Conspiracy" from Clarity Press to see why we must see the anthrax attacks as one crime done by the same group of traitors. Because the anthrax used was traced back to the United States military, it had to be blamed on a lone-nut who committed suicide, Bruce Ivins. Also, recall that in this same time frame there was a fellow called the "DC Beltway sniper" killing random at people. He was said to be a drifter with a young boy in tow, but was actually a 20 year career military man. Was he put in a witness protection program and given money and a new identity, or is he actually serving jail time? I don't know, and I don't want to move to speculation. There are enough strange and verifiable facts to dwell upon for now.
2001 Anthrax Deception by Graeme MacQueen
Shermer is precisely "unskeptical". He has No Questions about the official stories of 9/11, London 7/07/05, Sandy Hook School Massacre Drill, Boston Marathon Martial Law Drill, The Paris Psy Ops: Charlie Hebdo 1-07-15 & Paris attacks of "Friday the 13th" 2015, Santa Barbara Isla Vista Misogynist Killer Virgin Story, or any news story that would suggest a coordinated effort to manipulate the masses with drills and false flag planned events. To Shermer what the government-media says is to be accepted without questions as a matter of faith and by abandoning skepticism. It's Orwellian mind manipulation again, and it is quite lucrative in today's "marketplace of ideas".

I won't go on an on with this too much longer. But it must be said that we now have such consolidation of the media that it is now down to about 6 conglomerates packed with Mockingbird journalists. And that media is owned by the same people who own the banks, Wall Street, and the military industry.

Oddly, so many of the horrors done by the American Deep State have been exposed by good journalists and patriotic Constitution oath-abiding whistle-blowers. Yet the result each time since the Church Committee hearings and the assassinations of the late 60's has been that no one ever suffers any consequences. Instead, they are always rewarded and promoted! Everyone who failed to protect the American public on 9/11 was promoted and lauded for their "service". Likewise, the "victims" at Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon drills that were sold to the public by the fake "media" as live "tragedies" became millionaires. And they were also organized into lobbies to attack the US 2nd Amendment and flown around the country on Air Force One; to create new mental health regimens that will track and label US children and make the school environments more authoritarian; and a climate of real fear of fake threats has traumatized, brainwashed, and infantilized the American public to beg for "security" measures that would not be acceptable without this massive psychological operation been orchestrated upon them.
Below are some links that back up everything that I am saying here. The first one is about CIA Document 1035-960 on how the term "conspiracy theorist" has been "weaponized" in the sense that is has been to get Americans to be dismissive towards anyone who would say that the murder of President Kennedy was not by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. Legitimate journalists at the NY Times used the the new Freedom of Information Act to get the CIA document that urges its assets in US media to push this line of discrediting and suppressing inquiry into that crime or coup d'etat. The technique worked so well that people censor themselves or steer clear of any of the normal questioning that we have historically associated with our best investigative journalists and detectives: who, what, why, when, where, how; who benefits to what degree; means, motive, and opportunity. That's a lot of stuff to sweep into the taboo topics area that people are made to fear delving into. It is so much easier for the average person to respond to questioning by shutting down their healthy habit of questioning and the work that would be required to bring truth, justice, and genuine peace to this deliberately made-crazy world.

As always, Truth Troubadour blogs end with a song. For this blog about the collusion between people at KPFA with Michael Shermer and the Orwellian-named Skeptics Society I have selected Love Me I'm A Liberal Post 9/11 (4:16). It is a free SoundCloud mp3 as a 9/11 Truth era update of LOVE ME I'M A LIBERAL by Vic Sadot of the 1966 Phil Ochs classic. The song was released on Sept 11, 2011 under license on the "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" CD which is available at CD Baby! Please read the articles that inspired this song at the links in the notes!  
9/11 Truth & Justice Songs by Vic Sadot
List of Important Topics and Links to Substantiate the Positions Taken Above:

Same article at a great site established by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. “Conspiracy Theory”:Foundations of a Weaponized Term in Global Research: “CIA Document 1035-960” – NY Times used Freedom of Information Act to unearth a CIA document calling for discrediting critics of official government stories of 60's assassinations as “conspiracy theorists”.

WeNeed To Talk About Sandy Hook (2:46:44) – Independent Media Solidarity production that has been censored on YouTube mostly by Lenny Posner claiming copyright ownership of clips from mainstream media, which he obviously does not own. Posner is less visible than his wife Veronique who became famous for lacking emotion in a CNN Christmas-time interview with Anderson Cooper. Instead of privately mourning, many of these alleged parents of alleged children victims went on TV in the days after the Dec 14, 2012 event. They had fundraising pages posted and joined Obama and Holder in a campaign for restricting the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and, less noticed, a new intrusive mental health regime for children.

"Science" radio show host Michio Kaku recently made very public denunciations of 9/11 Truth writers and scientists. On July 16, 2013 Michio Kaku, gave a completelyunscientific and unskeptical interview to the completely unskeptical"skeptic" Michael Shermer to discuss "The Borders of Science - Why People Believe Strange Things". Kaku let Dr Shermer ridicule Dr Steven Jones without even mentioning a single detail of his research on samples of WTC dust as described in the movie "Hypothesis". Then on July 19 Kaku really lost his "cool" when he tried to intellectually bully RT Interviewer Oksana Boyco. In “Science of Democracy”, featuring an interview by Oksana Boyko with Kaku "Worlds Apart" show Kaku got downright combative with Oksana. At 9:25 of the 29 minute segment, Kaku becomes rude and belligerent with the young host as he yells at her five times in rapid succession: “Are you a 'conspiracy theorist? and “Who was behind 9/11?” Kaku kept interrupting the lady every time she tried to answer. He was trying to use the full weight of his celebrity “Science Guy” status to intimidate the Russian journalist. Contemptible bully! 

Solving 9/11 with Christopher Bollyn in Oakland on West Coast Book Tour

TRUTH TROUBADOUR BLOG Update Post on Seymour Hersh 2015 Story  at 3-30-13 Original Post of “No Matter What Hollywood Propaganda MoviesLike Zero Dark Thirty Say, Torture Is A Crime! And Questions about the Deathand Dumping at Sea of Osama bin Laden Remain!” 

Kevin Ryan Responds to Noam Chomsky Ridicule of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth founded by Richard Gage: “Willful Ignorance” in Dig Within Blog. 12-10-13 Report at Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance web site by Vic Sadot. Original Post at Truth Troubadour Blog. See also Berkeley Calling & Broadside Balladeer Blogs for vital and liberating information.

“I am not Charlie Hebdo! Je suis Helric Frédou!” Truth Troubadour Blog 2-18-15 by Vic Sadot. A survey of investigative writing about the attacks on the political cartoon magazine in Paris Jan 7, 2015, the governing media’s coverage, the government’s rapid use of the event, and the questions raised about the official story. One of the chief investigators, Helric Frédou, was said to have committed suicide on the night of the event. The media barely covered that when compared to the frenzy of coverage of the mighty “Je Suis Charlie” PR campaign and Jeanette Bougrab, a famous French minister in the Sarkozy regime who claimed to have been the lover for the past three years of editor Stephane Charbonnier (“Charb”) in spite of the family’s denials of such a relationship. There was no lack of investigative writing on this event that could become France’s 9/11, an excuse for more war in Syria, Libya, and other areas in Africa, and a French version of the USA “Patriot Repression Act” can be expected. #JeNeSuisPasCharlie #JeSuisHelricFredou!  

Now that the Senate Report on US torture is public, let the “War on Terror” be declared over! Acknowledge that it was a criminal fraud on US citizens and on the people of the world. Let the prosecutions for using torture begin! Read “Torture Architect Tries to JustifyProgram … Fails Miserably” By Washington's Blog in Global Research, December 16, 2014. 25% of the footnotes in the 9/11 Commission Report come from torture testimony! Why did dual citizen Philip Zelikow, Assistant National Security Director to Condoleeza Rice get to be Executive Director of a Commission that should have been investigating his own failure to protect us? A Commission that should have been investigating him used torture testimony as its central source of documentation! 

BOSTON MARATHON MARTIAL LAW DRILL April 15, 2013: "Surely This Is Normal... Or IsIt??" at Peekay Boston YouTube Channel (11:30) Peekay Boston says, “Jeff Bauman a Great American Hero... How can Anyone say that what we see in the Iconic Boston photo of him in a wheelchair is Not Normal?” Bauman not only lost two legs. He also got “hero” status when he identified the two Tsarnaev brothers to the FBI as the “terrorist” bombers! The other “hero” was the Cowboy Hat wearing Carlos Arredondo, who rescued Bauman by breaking all standard medical protocols by putting Bauman in a wheel-chair instead of flat out on a stretcher to reduce blood loss. Why did the many trained doctors and nurses who participate in the annual Boston Marathon “Mass Casualty Drill” not rescue Bauman properly if it was indeed real and not the annual drill done with “unwitting participants” gone live? How does breaking the protocols make you a hero instead of the subject of a lawsuit? Why did the huge number of medical professionals and ambulances available and participating in the annual drill not rescue Bauman? Is that normal? The fact that Jeff Bauman was released from the hospital just 11 days after allegedly losing two legs, and the fact that he was fully recovered 19 days later, smiling and waving the flag at the Boston Bruins hocky game is, well, “NORMAL” in post-9/11 America! In an interview Bauman even explained his miraculous and rapid recovery to his being part of the PR campaign called “Boston Strong”. He answered that his doctors said he was a 'wolverine'.” Yet Dr. Stan Monteith, a doctor  who has performed amputations and who can also think critically, is quoted in this video as saying none of this is “normal”. Dr. Monteith concludes, “I think that this young man was a ‘crisis actor’.” 

Watch the trailer “Preview: 9/11 in the Academic Community”.  Now video #5 in the “9/11 & Other False Flag Investigations” playlist at “Truth Troubadour” YouTube Channel. At 59 seconds into this trailer we hear Professor Michael Truscello of Mount Royal University state: “25% of the footnotes in the 9/11 Commission Report are based on torture testimony.” Professor Graeme MacQueen of McMaster University, author of “The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for Domestic Conspiracy”, says, “They made it the core of their story and they don’t discuss that these guys were tortured.” Is that the report we want to base US laws and policy on?   

Was there Advanced Knowledge of the 7/7 London Bomb Attacks? 7-07-12 by Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research