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Friday, August 12, 2016

News Analyst Barrie Zwicker on 8-12-16 False Flag Weekly News

Barrie Zwicker on False Flag Weekly News at No Lies Radio

Hosts Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall were joined by author and news media analyst Barrie Zwicker for a rapid review of the past week’s news events. Every week on No Lies Radio news events are analyzed with screenshots and links given so that the viewer can look into the issues themselves. Barrie Zwicker is famous as the director of the documentary “The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw”, as the author of “Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11”, and as a well-known Canadian television personality for decades. Zwicker recently reviewed Kevin Barrett's book on Orlando in a column at Craig McKee's excellent "Truth and Shadows" Blog.

Click on the photo above to watch the Friday, 08/12/2016 False Flag Weekly News in the No Lies Radio archives. You can also watch the 1:01:04 long show at the noliesradio YouTube Channel

Green Party of the United States of America

Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Staff / Houston Chronicle found in San Antonio Express-News 8-06-16

The new Vice Presidential candidate of the Green Party USA, human rights activist Ajamu Baraka, was the subject of a mass media attack on him as a “holocaust denier” by virtue of his having been on this very show, “False Flag Weekly News” on No Lies Radio. Green Party Presidential nominee invited Baraka to join her on the ticket as the VP candidate.

The central claim or smear against Ajamu Baraka was to name him as a “holocaust denier” in a classic and unfounded "guilt-by-association" technique for having appeared on the show with a said-to-be known “holocaust denier, host Kevin Barrett, PhD. 

Barrett is scheduled for a return speaking engagement 
at Historic Fellowship Hall on October 16, 2016 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm 

Dr. Kevin Barrett is the author of many books critical of the media and the Orwellian-applied and weaponized terminology used to market and brainwash people about the “war on terror”.

The lead-in story involving Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka and his association with Kevin Barrett was addressed by Barrett himself. He stated that he has never written about the holocaust, but he has defended anyone and everyone’s right to research that history and any other subject they want to research and speak about.

Kevin Barrett stated: “It is interesting that they will call you a ‘holocaust denier’ even if you don’t take any position on what really happened in those camps in WWII. I never have! I don’t know precisely how many people died, how many of them were Jewish, how they died, whether there was an extermination order, whether there were gas chambers, etc, etc, etc. These issues are debated by other people. All I say is it’s ok to debate these issues. You shouldn’t go to jail if you’ve come to a particular conclusion about these issues! So, if you oppose the witch hunt, you’re a witch! So I guess I’m a witch…”


 "Orlando False Flag - The Clash of Histories" Book cover illustration by David Dees

WPTV News West Palm Beach Florida YouTube

Seddique Mateen, an Afghani Taliban living in the USA, the alleged father of the alleged killer  Omar Mateen of the alleged massacre at the Pulse Gay Night Club was spotted sitting behind Hillary Clinton at her Kissimme, Florida campaign rally by an astute young reporter for WPTV News of West Palm Beach, Florida named Tory Dunham. Screenshot by Vic Sadot

The second story is about Kevin Barrett’s latest book about the Orlando Pulse Night Club False Flag Shooting incident in Florida on 6-11-16. This past week’s news story related to that incident was discovered by a local news team covering the Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Kissimme, Florida. A young reporter claims she ran into Seddique Matteen, the father of the alleged killer Omar Mateen, at a roadside stop where he displayed his banner to her and gave some comments to explain why he was in a high profile spot at Clinton's rally. The local news reporter found it odd that the alleged killer’s father would be so prominently placed behind Hillary Clinton at her recent campaign speech in Kissemme, Florida. Those spots which appear in TV broadcasts are staged by campaign managers to give a look of diversity. So it is not an accident when someone gets the back-drop seats to a Presidential candidate’s televised events. Guest commentator Barry Zwicker, a famous Canadian media anyalyst, points to the father’s demeanor as not one of a grieving father, but rather one of another bad crisis actor. 

FFWN Orlando shooter's father Seddique Mateen spotted sitting behind Hillary Clinton at campaign rally

Other stories covered in this episode of False Flag Weekly News are listed below and the are listed at No Lies Radio with the links to them. Especially recommended: The “anti-semitic” labeling campaign of vilification of a PhD Professor at Oberlin College named Joy Karega; Noam Chomsky’s role in shutting down questions and investigations into 9/11 since his rapidly deployed November 2001 book titled “9/11” used ridicule instead of logic as its main “persuasive” mechanism;  

Vic Sadot Note: My songs are in rotation at No Lies Radio. I have also served as a reporter for No Lies Radio at anti-war and torture accountability events. I have twice filled in as a guest host on the False Flag Weekly Show and I’m one of many people who sends in stories for consideration to the weekly news show. And I provided the first two screenshots in this particular show.

Truth Troubadour Blogs end with a song! Here's one for today!

"Full SpectrumDominance" (6:04) Published on April 18, 2016 at #TruthTroubadour YouTube: “Beware of those who joke about sending in the drones!” This song was written by Vic Sadot​ for the 4-10-11 visit of Bruce Gagnon​ to speak at Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA. Bruce is the founder of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space​ (See www dot space4peace dot org). Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rob Sadot on electric guitar, Eric Golub​ is on violin. Full Spectrum Dominance makes us all the “enemy”! 

Other links to explore:

“Barrett anthologythumbs nose at contradictory Orlando narratives” – A Barrie Zwicker Review of Kevin Barrett’s new book about the alleged Orlando Pulse Gay Night Club Massacre was published “Truth and Shadows” Blog, which is published by fellow Toronto-based researcher Craig McKee. 

No Lies Radio "False Flag Weekly News" List of Stories for 8-12-16
1)Stein-Baraka campaign witch hunted for its ties to…Kevin Barrett! 
2) Should Ajamu Baraka be ashamed to be in a Kevin Barrett false flag book? Let’s ask Barrie Zwicker!
3) Orlando shooter’s father Seddique Mateen spotted sitting behind Hillary Clinton at campaign rally
4) “Nobody suffered in Orlando shooting” – autopsy chief
5) Oberlin suspends professor who blamed Israel for 9/11 
6) Gideon Polya Looks at the Ritual Defamation of Joy Karega at Oberlin College: On tonight’s Truth Jihad Radio!
7) Karega’s views in context: 9/11 and Zionism: Is Chomsky a disinfo agent for Israel?
8) Monika Schaefer busking permit still declined by tyrannical authorities
9) German Judge Lifts Fine for “Holocaust Trivialization”
10) Sacred holocaust narrative enables genocide in Palestine
Clinton body count rises, Assange weighs in
11) Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead
12) Murdered DNC staffer was Wikileaks’ source, Assange admits in interview
13) MSM pushes back at Assange
14) Democratic Strategist Calls For The Assassination Of Julian Assange
15) Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks
16) Pentagon, CIA form Praetorian Guard for Clinton as warmonger president 
17) Trump: Obama founded ISIS
9/11 denial in full swing as 15th anniversary approaches
18) Casino peddles 9/11 OCT to drunken gambling addicts
19) David Cole, 9/11 denier: Just another lying Zionist? 
Suspicious bombings in Canada, Pakistan
20) FBI Instruct Mounties how to get their man: ISIS tweeter Aaron Driver conveniently shot dead as bombs go off
21) Justice Bruce of BC Supreme Court actually upholds the law: “Terror patsies were entrapped”
22) Bomb Kills Dozens as Pakistani Lawyers Stage Protest at Hospital 
23) Quetta bombing: False flag 4th generation warfare targets Pakistan 
False Flag Islamophobia 
24) New York Times Whips Up Anti-Islam Hatred with Extensive Article
25) NY Times fans flames of “ISIS”
26) Two Muslim American Women Ordered Off American Airlines Flight
27) Muslim couple ordered off Delta flight
28) Threats to Mosques Are The New Routine In Texas 
29) French mosques burned, bombed, vandalized
Turkey leaving the empire?
30) Erdo?an and Putin meet, mend ties
31) Erdogan Threatens To Abandon US Dollar In Trade With Russia 
32) Erdogan, Turkish media expose Operation Gladio 
Odds and Ends
33) Mainstream Media Finally Admits Mass Banker ‘Suicides’ Were Likely a Vast Criminal
34) Mysterious light hovers over Gateway Arch in St. Louis 
35) Mysterious fiery red orb filmed zig zagging through night sky over Paris leaves UFO spotters baffled