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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bashing Biden for Groping Obscures His Career Rise As A Bipartisan Basher of the Bill of Rights by Promoting the Lies of the War On Terror

 C-SPAN Vice President Dick Cheney Bust Dedication
Click on the photo to watch the ceremony on C-SPAN!

This superficial portrayal of Biden as a “groper” is not fair to the millions of people who have suffered from his long term and consistent sell-out of the Bill of Rights and well-being of people everywhere by promoting the lies of the "war of terror" so that he could climb the US power structure ladder to the highest levels and be portrayed mostly as a "liberal" gentleman by the corporate media. 

This groping theme actually serves to obscure Biden’s "bipartisan" role in key pivotal, historic, and tragic outcomes that have helped him to climb the US power ladder by betraying the American working people as a "career" practice of serving powerful US corporations and their global empire. In that bi-partisan role, he is no different than other Republicans and Democrats in pretending to care about people of this wonderful plane

There is an obsession on places like Facebook with bashing Delaware's aging Senator and Vice President Joseph Biden for groping women and little girls. People trapped in the two party matrix of manipulative media politics love to show Biden groping strangers in his role as Vice President of the United States at swearing-in ceremonies for Congressional members. That's when they take the oath to "honor and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic". People who hate Trump do the same kind of bashing, and they are not keeping a focus on overcoming the deliberate trauma-based conditioning going on to prop up a system in crisis.

This superficial suggestive portrayal of Mr. Biden is not fair to him any more than the fake "RussiaGate" dossier on Trump is fair to him or the public. You better prove what you are saying or you may actually get locked up. This loss of civility is reflective of system rot. The obsessive pushing of the groping theme is also not fair to the millions of people who have suffered from Biden's long term and consistent sell out of the rights and well-being of people everywhere so that he could climb the US power structure ladder to the highest levels. Biden and Trump serve the same masters, but they do put on an amazing show that could make things worse for the rest of us.
 How To Unite For Our Rights!

We're not getting to the root of the systemic problems we have in the USA by allowing our country's politics to descend into a psy-op soap opera. Better that we find some common ground and hopefully find our way to transition back from a violent Empire with 700 military bases around the world to a people-empowered Republic with as little mass suffering and orchestrated turmoil as possible. Young people will
have to save the future by developing a whole new transformative politics that includes participation in the definition of US national interests.

To read a discussion about finding Common Ground with other citizens, please read:
How To Unite For Our Rights!” BERKELEY CALLING BLOG by Vic Sadot, February 16, 2017.This blog was written 
to Trump supporters during the Inaugural phase one year ago to suggest that they test Trump by challenging him to rescind and reject all the "emergency" martial law type of "war on terror" power claims that G.W. Bush and Barrack Obama signed into law that are plainly Anti-Constitutional and may one day be considered treasonous toward the Republic. Why would NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bills for annual military funding be allowed to claim the color of law at all that would authorize a U.S. President to use the U.S. military to "indefinitely detain" (Orwellian for "imprison") or otherwise violate the inalienable rights of American citizens?

The Democratic LeadershipCouncil was founded in 1985 to take over the Democratic Party and lead it "away from the (alleged) leftward turn it took in the late 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s". The DLC plan was to throw labor unions and working people out of  any siginificant influence in American politics by having the Dems make deals with corporate and AIPAC lobbies as the way for "DemocRats" to compete with the "RepublicRats". The DLC under the likes of B. Clinton and A. Gore was a big promoter of NAFTA. Good paying jobs went overseas and the country was de-industrialized. A massive concentration of "wealth re-distribution" went to the top few in the decades since that destabilization program began. When will we use our Anti-Trust Laws to break up the Great Monopolies and democratize our economy?

Here’s a quick list to consider and evaluate that tell of Biden’s bipartisan accomplishments in politics:

(1) Biden not allowing Chief Weapons inspector Scott Ritter to testify that there were "No WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq" before giving Bush Congressional authority to bomb, destroy, and occupy that country;

(2) Biden not allowing other women to testify behind Anita Hill in the Supreme Court lifetime nominee hearings of Clarence Thomas about his alleged sexual harassment of women;

(3) Biden claiming that he wrote the basis for the Orwellian-named Anti-Constitutional emergency martial law "Patriot Act" around the time of the questionable Oklahoma City Bombing back in 1995. See
Joe Biden Drafted the Core of the Patriot Act in 1995… Before the Oklahoma City Bombing 12-11-11 Washington’s Blog 

Support for Barrack Obama’s Order to Bury the 6,700 pages of the 2014Senate Report on US Torture and giving the American public that paid for the investigation only a 500 page summary of the report. We need “Torture Accountability” and prosecutions of those who authorized torture, did it, and those who knowingly used it in the 2004 9/11 Commission Report as “testimony” backing 25% of the footnotes! Watch the trailer for “9/11 in the Academic Community”, a documentary by Adnan Zuberi. If the trailer gets your interest, you can watch the full length movie as it is next in this playlist.

(5) Biden coordinating with NeoCon Victoria Nuland (wife of PNAC Project for the New American Century founder Robert Kagan) in making a coup in the Ukraine and installing Biden's son as CEO of that country's newly privatized Gazprom company even before any elections could be held (See
Ukraine: Bloody Destabilization and Privatization Coup of 2014 Orchestrated by the NWO Corporate Captured States - BERKELEY CALLING BLOG 3-07-14 for deeper look);

(6) Biden as a lifetime servant of Zionism, AIPAC, and the endless and brutal Israeli Apartheid Occupation of Palestine makes him a servant of the same people as Trump (not Russia!);

(7) Joe Biden did not protest the theft of the Democratic Party primary nomination from B. Sanders. But then again B. Sanders failed to protest that on behalf of his "revolutionary" movement too!;

(8) Joe Biden honored former Vice President Dick Cheney for leading the war on terrorism at a Cheney bust installation and dedication ceremony in 2015 on Capitol Hill;

(9) Joe Biden has never indicated that he has any questions about the official story of what really happened on 9/11, as far as I've been able to determine. Like any entrusted public official Biden should have pressed hard for the truth about the failure to defend American lives on that day and see that there were consequences for those responsible for that failure, instead of rewards and promotions. He was all too willing to "compromise" the sacred rights of citizens by supporting the "Patriot Act". It was shameful how 9/11 was used to launch the phony "war on terror". It was strange how victims of the families had to force the the political class to even investigate the 9/11-Anthrax Attacks. These families and the nation were let down by the cover-up report of 2004 by the 9/11 Commission. The two lead commissioners released a book called Without Precedent, in which they claimed they were were lied to and "set up to fail" but that they overcame the obstacles put in their way and accomplished a great task. See any of the 12 books by David Ray Griffin to begin the journey of evidence-based truth. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Biden was born and raised Catholic, but he has often remarked that "you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist". What's not to like about any of this if you are in the for-profit ruling class?

Biden speaking to his AIPAC base

C-SPAN Covered Event 12-03-15 in the US Capitol Rotunda: Vice President Dick Cheney Bust Dedication
Former Vice President Dick Cheney was honored for “ending terrorism”. Speakers included current Vice President Joe Biden, former President George W. Bush, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

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A 757 Jet Was "Sucked into" the Pentagon Says A Star 9/11 Eye Witness

A humorous expose of a media "star" eye-witness of the alleged crash of a 757 passenger jet into the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Enjoy this presentation by Art Olivier who created the fictional film called "Operation Terror", which is also the name of his YouTube Channel. The man seems to show duping delight as he smiles when presenting to the FOX News interviewer what he claims to be a piece of the jet plane that allegedly was "sucked into the Pentagon" (at 4:50). Did they have "crisis actors" way back in 2001?

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