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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nuclear Heartland USA NukeWatch Book Update by John LaForge

John LaForge of presented an engaging power-point
lecture about publishing the revised edition of the book
“Nuclear Heartland”, which was updated from the original 1988 edition. Johns spoke in Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA on October 13, 2016. It was a book celebration event sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee.

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Episode: John M. LaForge 2017 “Nuclear HeartlandUSA” HD (57 m 48) . 

“Nuclear Heartland” 
was first published in 1988 to let Americans know where the land-based nuclear weapons silos are located, and that they make you less secure, which is in contradiction of the nuclear deterrence goal. See “Nuclear Heartland, Revised Edition: A guide to the 450 land-based missiles of the United States”. (Paperback) December 1, 2015 by Bonnie Urfer (Afterword), Nukewatch (Author), Jr. Samuel H. Day (Contributor), John M. LaForge (Editor), Arianne S. Peterson (Editor), Matthew Rothschild (Foreword). 

John LaForge can be contacted at

Cynthia Jean Johnson arranged for the event, which author Cecile Pineda had proposed; Jane Eislie, a long-term supporter of Nukewatch was there. Audio was by Dave Yandle. Post production by Vic Sadot.
The video was first published by content creator Vic Sadot to the BFUU Social Justice Committee website, "SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY". It has also been published at other sites, such as Vic Sadot Vimeo and 911TVorg YouTube Channel. It is a Creative Commons Copyright with attribution credits and no edits. This video is available for free download and non-profit use. It has been formatted for Public Access Cable TV non-profit use with full crdits/no edits. 

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Episode: John M. LaForge 2017 “Nuclear Heartland USA” HD (57 m 48)  

Truth Troubadour Song for this blog! Ride the Wind (5:33) 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs CD by Vic Sadot on CD Baby’s YouTube Playlist - Lyrics: “Cold winds blow across the land. Dark clouds gather gloom. Children wake up crying! Parents rush into the room! It’s just another nightmare of impending days of doom. But we’re gonna tear Your Terror down! And make the deserts bloom! Yeah, that’s what we assume!” In the post 9/11 world the lyrics take on a new meaning about the phony "War on Terror".  

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