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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seymour Hersh says Obama bin Laden Story is ONE BIG LIE! - Truth Troubadour Update

Truth Troubadour Blog: Questions about the Death and Dumping at Sea of Os...: Obama's Osama bin Laden Story story is "ONE BIG LIE" says senior American journalist with access to US intelligence and fame for breaking the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. Seymour Hersh calls the Obama story about the alleged extra-judicial execution of Osama bin Laden in May 2011 "ONE BIG LIE".

This Truth Troubadour blog first posted in 2011 and updated when the Zero Dark Thirty torture justification movie was rolled out in 2012 has just been updated. It is getting a resurgence in reads in the wake of the famous journalist Seymour Hersh's charges that the alleged Obama extra-judicial execution of Osama bin Laden story was "One Big Lie".
Hersh's story is also "One Big Lie" and appears to be meant to enforce the premise that Osama bin Laden had not died earlier as widely reported and documented by David Ray Griffin. Note that Hersh's "One More Big Lie" is far more gruesome than the original one that Obama told the world about dumping the body at sea "in accordance with Muslim
practice". Hersh claims that his anonymous sources told him that the bin Laden body was disposed of by dropping parts of it out of a helicopter as the Navy Seals flew their helicopter over Pakistan. WTF!!! 

 Truth Troubadour update Seymour Hersh "One Big Lie" story

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And by all means, get your comic relief from the short rock and roll music video of Osama & The Bin Ladens - "It's All A Lie (Still You Believe)" (3:34) FacelesswithEyesOpen YouTube Channel. Now video 32 in the “Truth Troubadour Showcase” at the “Truth Troubadour” YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot. 

“Everything you need to know about politics in a song you can sing along to!” "One Big Lie" after another Big Lie is still "One Big Lie"!

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