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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Romantic French Song by Charles Trenet Gets 2015-16 Lyrical Update by Vic Sadot

Douce France 2015 by Vic Sadot
The French National Assembly and the romantic lights of Paris on the Seine River

Charles Trenet was one of the all time great French singer-songwriters. Bing Crosby credited him as a big influence on his singing style. My father Jean-Henri Sadot had lots of Charles Trenet in his French music collection, which sometimes brought on a painful nostalgia because he could never afford to return there to see his family and childhood friends. Somehow this song came to mind as I was analyzing events in France in the year 2015 and wondering what would happen to the country of my father in 2016. I had already read the book edited by Kevin Barrett, who I arranged to speak at Historic Fellowship Hall on August 25, 2015, "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo". I even wrote a song in which Kevin contributed the main ideas and lyrics for two of the six verses. Just as I had promoted William Pepper's song, "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" by using the same title for the song, we called the song "We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo" and promoted the book with a video. To read the French lyrics and/or the English Translation scroll down to the bottom of the page.

So this music video created in November led to the home recording and SoundCloud post of "Douce France". The music video We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! (5:30) Published 11-05-15 at Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel by Vic Sadot​. The song was written by Vic Sadot Singer-Songwriter​ after reading the various views of 22 writers in the 2015 book of the same title this song is named for, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, edited by Dr. Kevin J Barrett​. Kevin Barrett​ has a PhD in Arabist-Islamology studies, and has advanced degrees in English, French, and African Literature. He was fired from the University of Wisconsin for questioning 9/11, and he has been an activist, author, and host of radio shows ever since. Hear him on #TruthJihad radio and #FalseFlagWeekly live-stream on No Lies Radio. This is an artist’s response to the events and what has been written so far about them. Kevin Barrett contributed heavily to two of the six verses. See also Truth Troubadour Showcase to hear other topical singer-songwriters of our times that Vic Sadot recommends!

On 9/11/11Vic Sadot released a 16 song CD at CD Baby titled

 Thanks to all! Bon Courage & Bonne Annee 2016 to everyone! 
Vic Sadot

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Douce France 2015 (Sweet or Dear France 2015) at Vic Sadot Broadside Balladeer Channel at SoundCloud. French Lyrics & Translation in English posted below. Bonne Année 2016 à la France Libérée! "Douce France 2015" is a lyrical parody by Vic Sadot of the song written by Charles Trenet in France in 1943 during the Nazi occupation, Vichy collaboration, and the French Resistance. It was recorded in 1947. This is a parody, but not a mocking one. It expresses a love and a preference for a liberated and free France, and disgust for a France led by corruption and fascism.

Douce France 2015 à Vic Sadot Broadside Balladeer canal à SoundCloud. Les paroles français et la traduction en anglais affichés ci-dessous. Bonne Année 2016 à la France Libérée! "Douce France 2015» est une parodie lyrique par Vic Sadot de la chanson écrite par Charles Trenet en France en 1943 pendant l'occupation nazie, la collaboration de Vichy et la Résistance française. Il a été enregistré en 1947. Ceci est une parodie, mais pas un moqueur, non! Il exprime un amour et une préférence pour une France libre et libéré et la detestation pour France conduit par la corruption et le fascisme.

Douce France (Sweet France) by Charles Trenet – 2015 French lyrical parody and English translation by Vic Sadot. For the love of a freedom loving France!

Il revient à ma mémoire… Des souvenirs de ma famille…
(It comes back to my thoughts… memories of my family)
De mon père de Normandie… Les lumières du grand Paris…
(Of my father from Normandy… the lights of Grand Paris)
Sur le chemin de l’héritage… D’un pays de bon courage…
(On the road of heritage… of a country of good courage)
Qui a souffert d'être sage… Alors je t’encourage!
(Who has suffered to be wise… Then I still encourage you!)

Douce France (Sweet France)
Cher pays de bonne chance (Dear country of good luck)
De mon père et son enfance (Of my father and his childhood)
Je te garde dans mon cœur (I keep you in my heart)               

Son village… (His village - pour Jean-Henri Sadot,it was Carentan!)
Au clocher, aux maisons sages (The church steeple, the wise houses)
Où les enfants de son âge (Where the children of his childhood age)
Ont partagé leur Bonheur (Have shared their happiness)

Chorus #1:

Oui, je t'aime! Et je te donne ce poème! (Yes, I love you! And I give to you this poem!)
Oui, je t'aime! Dans la joie ou la douleur! (Yes, I love you! In both joy and sorrow!)

Douce France (Sweet France)
Cher pays de La Résistance (Dear country of The Resistance)
Contre occupation et dominance (Against occupation and dominance)
Du chagrin et la pitié (Of the sorrow and the pity)
Protégez votre liberté! (Protect your liberty!)

Douce France (Sweet France)
Cher pays de la souffrance (Dear land of suffering)       
Mené de tant d'insouciance (Lead now so recklessly)
Cassez jamais mon cœur fidèle! (Don’t ever break my loyal heart!)

Chorus #2
Oui, je t'aime! Et je te donne ce poème! (Yes, I love you! And I give to you this poem!)
Oui, je t'aime! Dans la joie ou la douleur! (Yes, I love you! In both joy and sorrow!)

Douce France (Sweet France)
Cher pays de connaissance! (Dear country of knowledge/awareness!)
De la raison! Et la romance! (Of reason! Of romance!)
De grandes artistes! De l’esperance! (Of great artists! Of hope!)
De ceux qui  fait les renaissances! (Of those who make renaissances!)
Qui vont lutter pour Liberté! (Who are going to struggle for Liberty!)

Chorus #3:
Yes, I love you! When you’ve got no fascists up above you!
That’s when I love you! When you’re liberated and you’re free!
That’s the France I want to see!

Douce France (Sweet France)
Cher pays de la romance (Dear country of romance)
Manipulé par les mensonges (Manipulated by lies)
Les médias qui vous dérangent (The media that misleads you)
Gardez toujours vos plus belles songes (Always keep your most beautiful dreams)   
Et  gardez bien votre liberté! (3X) (And keep well your liberty!)

Douce France est une chanson écrite par Charles Trenet en 1943, composée avec Léo Chauliac, enregistrée en 1947. Son titre est inspiré d'un lieu commun sur la France apparu vers l'an 1080 dans la Chanson de Roland. Paroles : Charles Trenet; Musique : Charles Trenet et Léo Chauliac
© - 1943 – Salabert. Copyright 2015 parody lyrics Vic Sadot

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